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Welcome to the ingredient definitions committee page. The actual definitions are published annually in the AAFCO Official Publication (OP). This book is a primary source of revenue to pay for the costs of running the definition process. Your purchase of the OP is appreciated. We understand it may be a burden to purchase an OP to get one definition and in those cases recommend you contact your state department of agriculture or look for the AAFCO Official Publication at your local Library. (click here for a full list of state contacts).

These definitions apply to all animal feeds. Many pet food manufacturers have tighter specifications than these definitions. We recommend talking with your pet food company about the ingredients and sources they use.

Contact Information:

If you have questions about how ingredients are defined by AAFCO, you may contact the Chair of the Ingredient Definitions Committee:

Richard TenEyck
OR Dept. of Ag.
Animal Health & ID Div.
635 Capitol Street NE
Salem, OR  97301-2532
Telephone: (503) 986-4691
Fax: (503) 986-4734

Ingredient Definitions Committee Forum:

Ingredient Definitions Committee - Forms & Information:

  1. A Guide to Submitting New Ingredient Definitions to AAFCO (PDF, updated 02/2012)
  2. Investigator Form - Word (DOC) version
  3. Link to  AAFCO Investigators

Powerpoint Presentations (available in PDF format only):

Food Additive Petitions Received by FDA:

This information should be available soon.


This information should be available soon.