Inspection and Sampling Committee

Purpose: Work cooperatively with feed and feed ingredient manufacturers and other relevant domestic and international stakeholders, to develop effective inspection and sampling procedures and promote the uniform application of those procedures for feed and feed ingredients; evaluate, update and maintain the AAFCO Inspector's Manual.

Committee Members

Chad Linton, Chair
Charleston, WV

Bob Church, Board Liaison
Helena, MT

Stan Cook
Jefferson City, MO

Michael Davidson
Sacramento, CA

Meagan Davis
Baton Rouge, LA

David Dressler
Harrisburg, PA

James Fear (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Jacob Fleig
Jefferson City, MO

Robert Geiger
West Lafayette, IN

Mark Glover (FDA)
Lenexa, KS

Jennifer Godwin (FDA)
Cary, NC

Andy Gray
Helena, MT

Brett Groves
West Lafayette, IN

Laurel Hamling
Denver, CO

Miriam Johnson
Raleigh, NC

Ben Jones
College Station, TX

Kevin Klommhaus (FDA)
Des Moines, IA

Tim Lyons
Lansing, MI

Wayne Nelson
Hartford, CT

Ron Newman
Providence, RI

Harwood Owings
Annapolis, MD

Barb Schroeder
Saint Paul, MN

Laura Scott
Ottawa, CN

Shaness Thomas
Tallahassee, FL

Jim True
Lexington, KY

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