Biography for Austin Therrell

Austin Therrell spent time around the horse, cattle, and hunting dog industry and graduated from Clemson University with a BS in animal veterinary science. He quickly went to work with a family-owned pet food company and had the opportunity to work specifically in the sporting dog world working one on one with trainers and breeders of hunting dogs across the southeast. During his time there he was able to learn about the manufacturing and marketing side of the pet food industry and form relationships with feed dealers and distributors across South Carolina. After leaving the pet food industry, he had the opportunity to work at the South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) as the feed control official. Austin has currently been with SCDA for four years, and during that time has been able to serve as part of AAFCO’s Pet Food Committee, Feed and Feed Ingredient Manufacturing Committee, and now as a member of the board of directors. At SCDA he is involved in all aspects of the Animal Feed program, which includes registration, inspections, sampling, and implementation of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program standards.

Therrell has been married to his wife Jene for two and a half years; they love to travel and hike and are actively involved in mission work and serving with their local church. They have four dogs and a cat that showed up and never left. Therrell still enjoys raccoon hunting with hounds competitively and riding horses whenever he has time.

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