AAFCO Members by Regulatory Organization


Scott Absher - Program Manager

Jamie Booker - Inspection Field Supervisor

Ben Hitch - Program Director

Donald James -

Rebecca Moseley - State Chemical Laboratory Director

Donnie Walker - Audits & Reports Manager


Robert Carter -

David Driscoll -


Doug Marsh - Assistant Director

J.H. Paulson -

Jack Peterson - Associate Director, Env. Srvcs. Div.


Jamey Johnson - Director, Feed & Fertilizer Division

Ralph Pay -

Elvira Thompson - Director, Lab Services

Terry Walker - Director, AR State Plant Board


Jenna Areias - Program Supervisor IV

Gary Castro - Research Program Specialist II

Michael Davidson - Supervising Special Investigator

Kent Kitade -

Asif Maan - Environmental Program Manager II

Barzin Moradi - Branch Chief, Environmental Program Manager II

Samantha Moran-Defty - Environmental Scientist With the Safe Animal Feed Education Program

Killeen Sanders -

Doreen Schultz - Associate Government Program Analyst

Elaine Wong - Environmental Program Manager

Steven Wong -


Steve Bornmann - Division Director

Hollis Glenn - Division Director

Laurel Hamling - Feed Program Administrator

Clyde Jones -

Kristina McCallum - Feed and Microbiological Sciences Unit Leader

Reginoldo Roybal - Feed Chemist

Keith Wegner - Lab Director


Wayne Nelson - Feed Control Official

Jason White - Chief Chemist


Teresa Crenshaw - Agricultural Compliance Officer

Justin Lontz - Lab Manager

Courtney Mocko - Agricultural Commodity Inspector II

District of Columbia

Emily Brown Rosen -

Devon Pattillo -


Herbert Friedlander -

Patty Lucas - Chief, Bureau of Agr. Env. Labs

Mary Sharp -

Shaness Thomas - Environmental Manager

Fred Vogt -


Charles Frank -

Larry Kelley - Feed Program Manager

Alan Lowman - Program Director

Cecil Spooner -


Jeri Kahana - Administrator

Binh Loo - Chief

Raymond Uchida -


Tina Eiman - Ag Program Specialist

Kristen Hamilton - Ag Program Specialist

Eduardo Maciel - Principal Chemist

Nathan Price - Ag. Progrm Specialist

Kiley Schwartz - Principal Chemist

Jared Stuart - Section Manager

Brenda Thomasson - Technical Records Specialist II


Chuck Cawley - Division Manager

Gerald Kirbach - Bureau Chief

Robin Knoepfle - Feed Registration & Licensing

Jeff Squibb - Bureau Chief

Tom Waller - Program Specialist


Jeris Eikenberry -

Robert Geiger - Feed Administrator

Brett Groves - Chief Inspector/Auditor

Rodney Noel -

Robert Waltz - State Chemist


Terry Jensen -

Travis Knight - Chief

Steve Moline - Division Director

Randy Watts - Bureau Chief


Ken Bowers - Public Service Ad II

Sarah DeDonder - Laboratory Director

Tim Tyson -


Wilbur Frye -

Kristen Green - Feed Regulatory Specialist

Alan Harrison - Director, Feed and Milk Programs

Darrell Johnson - Director of Regulatory Services

David Mason - Area Regulatory Specialist

Val Midkiff -

Eli Miller -

Frank Sikora - Director of Laboratories and Soils Program

Jim True - Coordinator, Inspector Program

Sharon Webb - Director, Quality Control Program


Meagan Davis - Director, Feed Program

Mark LeBlanc - Director, Ag Chemistry

Cheryl McGee - Administrative Sec.

Hershel Morris -

Jason Schmidt - Label Review Specialist

John Walther - Assistant Commissioner


Ron Dyer - Division Director

Steve Giguere - Program Manager


Sharon Benz -

Warren Bontoyan - State Chemist

Philip Davidson - Product Registration

Kenneth McManus - Laboratory Manager

O Offiah - Supervisor

Harwood Owings - Agricultural Inspector Manager

Tom Phillips - State Chemist


James Cassidy -

Vernon Pabst -

Howard Vinton - Program Coordinator


Gina Alessandri - Division Director

Lorelei Curry - Central Licensing Unit

Gina DeWitt - Food, Feed, Drugs, and Dieases Laboratory Manager

April Hunt - Manager

Carol Inman - License and Tonnage

Tim Lyons - Acting Animal Feed Program Specialist

Steve Martin -


Paul Bachman - Consumer Safety Officer

Brett Boswell -

Gary Horvath - Director, Laboratory Services Division

Dan King - Compliance Officer

Tiffany Leschishin -

Doug Lueders - Commercial Feed Program Manager

Tom Mcconnell -

Ben Miller - Director

Louise Ogden -


Buddy Brannon - Branch Director

Janice Brown - Registration & Tonnage

Kacey Colquitt - Registration & Tonnage

Darrell Sparks - Director of Regulatory Services


Paul Bailey - Division Director

Tony Claxton -

Stan Cook - Program Administrator

Jacob Fleig - Program Coordinator

Riley Franklin -

Mary Koestner - Lab Manager

Edward Mareth - Business Owner

Suzanne Riddle - Pet Food Coordinator

Darrel Sharpe -


Gregory Ames - Administrator

Amy Bamber - Bureau Chief

Bob Church - Field Operations Manager

Andy Gray - Commodity Services Bureau Chief

Heidi Hickes - Laboratory Bureau Chief

Lynn Jones - Manager

Laszlo Torma - Director Technical Relations


Roger Dudley - Deputy State Veterinarian

Sally Flowers - Laboratory Administrator

Tamzin Gonzales - Program Specialist

Steve Gramlich - Program Manager

Dennis Hughes - State Veterinarian

Ken Jackson - Program Manager

Tammy Zimmerman - Animal and Plant Health Protection Adminstrator


Doug Farris - Animal Industry Administrator

J.J. Goicoechea - Deputy Administrator

Lynn Hettrick - Deputy Director

Kathleen Sharkey - Administrative Assistant III

New Hampshire

Jennifer Gornnert - Director

David Rousseau -

New Jersey

George Graber -

New Mexico

Dustin Cox - Division Director

Tim Darden - Assistant Division Director

Liz Higgins - Program Manager

Glen Horton -

Jo Lynn Otero - Program Coordinator

Charles Pfeifer -

Andrew Randall - State Chemist

New York

Cory Skier - Supervisor

Stephen Stich - Director, Food Safety & Inspection

North Carolina

Deborah Beach - Feed/Forage/Food/Fertilizer Supervisor

Gloria Dunnavan - Owner

George Ferguson - Feed Administrator

Teresa Grant - Supervisor - Food, Feed, and Fertilizer

Joe Green - Feed Inspector Supervisor

Miriam Johnson - Feed Compliance Officer

Anita Macmullan - Division Director

Audrey Pilkington -

Daniel Ragan - Director

Jack Van Stavern -

Ronald Willett - Laboratory Manager/State Chemist

North Dakota

David Boschma -

Wayne Carlson - Division Manager

Andrea Grondahl - Livestock Industries Division Director

Myra Kosse - Director - Chemistry Division

Dave Phillips - Feed Specialist

Garry Wagner -


Beverly Byrum - Director

Chris Holton - Field Supervisor

David Simmons - Agri Inspection Administrator


Sancho Dickinson - Director

Aaron Elam - Feed Program Administrator

Tanna Kilpatrick - Director, Laboratory Division

Dale Laubach -

Roger Osborn -

Larry Rudebusch - Assistant Director, Consumer Protection Services Division

Jerry Sullivan -


John Noble - Program Manager

Herschel Pendell -

Richard Ten Eyck - Feed Safety Specialist


John Breitsman - Bureau Director

Erin Bubb - Chief, Division of Agronomic & Regional Services

David Dressler - Agronomic Program Specialist

Michael Hydock - Chief, Laboratories Division

Puerto Rico

Carmen Canabal - Asst. Secretary

Carmen Zayas - Director

Rhode Island

Ron Newman - Ag. Marketing Specialist

Peter Susi - Deputy Chief/RI Division of Agriculture

South Carolina

Angie Culler-Mathews - Food Safety Manager

Samuel Davis - Feed Control Officer

Franklin Spires - Asst. Commissioner

Madison Starnes - AFRPS Coordinator

Austin Therrell - Feed Control Official

Phillip Trefsgar - Laboratory Director

Derek Underwood - Assistant Commissioner

Jackie Vaughn - Feed Lab Supervisor

Rhonda Zobel - Reg. Officer

South Dakota

Michael Blume - Ag Program Specialist

Tom Gere - Assistant Director

Donald Mitchell -

Nancy Thiex -


Jolene Gordon - Cooperative Agreement Coordinator

Keith Harrison - Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture - Consumer and Industry Services

Howard Morre -

Mark Powell - Ag Inputs Administrator

Mike Sutton - Chemical Services Manager


James Balthrop - Manager, Quality Assurance

Jay Crane -

James Embry -

Alan Hanks -

Timothy Herrman - State Chemist and Director

R Hoestenbach -

Ben Jones - Associate Director

George Latimer -

Tommie Schrode - Business Manager

Ricky Schroeder -

I J Shenkir -

Barbara Sims -

Larry Whitlock -

Sara Williams - Manager, Quality Assurance and Lab Operations


Mark Ashcroft - Program Manager

Robert Hougaard - Director for the Plant Industry and Conservation Division

Weston Judd - State Chemist


Cary Giguere - Agrichemical Management Section Chief


Donald Delorme - Program Supervisor

Laura Earhart - Licensing & Registration Compliance Officer

Debra Hargrave - Program Supervisor

Larry Nichols - Program Manager

George Pearson -

C Spruill -

Caroline Wilkinson -


Lizette Beckman - Senior Animal Feed/Cottage Food Coordinator'

Mike Firman - Chemist Laboratory, Program Manager

Steve Fuller - Assistant Director

Norval Johanson -

Ali Kashani - Program Manager

Neil Lanning - Feed Specialist

Catherine Marrier - Senior Feed Specialist / Food Safety Officer III

Kirk Robinson - Food Safety & Consumer Services, Assistant Director

Lucy Severs - Food Safety, Program Manager

Mary Toohey - Asst. Director Lab Services

West Virginia

Cama Coffman - Product Registration Specialist

Charles Dransfield - Compliance Officer

Herma Johnson - Director

Chad Linton - Assistant Director

Phil Petry -

Chessie Shamblin - Tonnage & Rec. Spec.

April Wilcox - Tonnage & Rec. Spec.


Heather Bartley - Feed Program Specialist/Toxic Reponse Coordinator

Lori Bowman - Agrichemical Resource Management Bureau Director

Jennifer Heaton-amrhein - Section Chief

Nick Neher -


Polly Cross - Assistant Manager

Teresa Jarvis - Laboratory Manager

Michael Purko -

Henry Uhden - Division Manager


Jennifer Kormos -

Ed Moore -

Linda Morrison - Director, Feed Program

Stephen Norman - Lab Director

Aaron Price - Senior Food Chemist

Laura Scott - Coordinator, Regulatory Development for Animal Feed Division

Judy Thompson - Feed National Manager

Costa Rica

Leticia Badilla - Inspector

Rigoberto Corrales Calderón - Chief

Bernardo Hernández - General Director

Mauricio Najera Quiros - Director

Elena Tudor - Chief

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