AAFCO Members by Regulatory Organization


Scott Absher - Program Manager

Jamie Booker - Field Inspector Supervisor

Rebecca Moseley - State Chemical Laboratory Director

Leona Pettway -

Patricia Pollard - Administrative Support Assistant

Andy Tipton - Division Director

Donnie Walker - Chief Auditor


Robert Carter - State Agronomist


Debbie Bachman - Customer Service Representative

Doug Marsh - Assistant Director

Jack Peterson - Associate Director, Env. Srvcs. Div.

Robert Tolton - Licensing Supervisor And Lean Administrator


Beth Calhoun - Director, Ar State Plant Board

Jamey Johnson -

Franz Oliver - Administrative Specialist Iii

Mike Stage - QCC Agri Division Manager


Michael Davidson - Supervising Special Investigator

Maryam Khosravifard - Environmental Program Manager

Natalie Krout-Greenberg - Division Director

Jenna Leal - Environmental Manager I

Timothy Valles - Licensing Contact


Hollis Glenn - Division Director

Laurel Hamling - Feed Program Administrator

Keith Wegner - Lab Director

Scott Ziehr - Regulatory Administrator


Paula Butler - Licensing Specialist

Wayne Kasacek - Asst. Director Bureau Or Regulation & Inspection

Kate Nelson - Afrps Coordinator

Wayne Nelson - Feed Control Official

Jason White - Chief Chemist


Ese Jessa -

Justin Lontz - Lab Manager

Courtney Mocko - Agricultural Commodity Inspector Ii


Patty Lucas - Chief, Bureau Of Agr. Env. Labs

Gwendolyn Sheppard - Afrps Coordinator

Shaness Thomas - Environmental Manager


Trey Clark - Feed Program Supervisor

John Shugart - Laboratories Division Director

Melissa Smith - Office Generalist

Bailey Whiten - Feed Program Manager

Jennifer Wren - Ag Inputs Program Director


Jeri Kahana - Administrator

Keith Otsuka - Program Specialist, Eggs & Feed Unit


Kristen Hamilton - Ag Program Specialist

Lloyd Knight - Administrator - Division Of Plant Industries

Eduardo Maciel - Principal Chemist

Jared Stuart - Section Manager

Brenda Thomasson - Technical Records Specialist Ii


Mark Britton - Lab Manager

Chuck Cawley - Division Manager

Deanna Clark - Feed Registration & Licensing

Jeff Squibb - Bureau Chief

Tom Waller - Program Specialist


Robert Geiger - Feed Administrator

Brett Groves - Chief Inspector/auditor

Kaycie Laughner - Feed Secretary

Katie Simpson - Pet Food Specialist

Robert Waltz - State Chemist


Sophia Borts - Administrative Assistant

William Gamble -

Alan Keller - Bureau Cheif

Travis Knight - Chief


Michelle Boggs -

Ken Bowers - Feed Technical Specialist

Sarah DeDonder - Laboratory Director

Debra Gray - Dairy & Feed Program Coordinator


Jennifer Combs - Regulatory Associate/afrps Specialist

Kristen Green - Feed Regulatory Specialist

Alan Harrison - Director, Feed And Milk Programs

Darrell Johnson - Director Of Regulatory Services

Jim True - Coordinator, Inspector Program

Sharon Webb - Director, Quality Control Program


Courtney Foote - Agricultural Specialist I

Kayleigh Jones - Administrative Coordinator

Mark LeBlanc - Director, Ag Chemistry

Jonathan Roberts - Director

Jeffrey Scallan - AFRPS Coordinator


Michael Crush - Consumer Protection Inspector

Steve Giguere - Program Manager

Celeste Poulin - Director


Philip Davidson - Product Registration

Kenneth McManus - Laboratory Manager

Harwood Owings - Agricultural Inspector Manager

Tom Phillips - State Chemist


Taryn LaScola - Director, Regulatory Services

Vernon Pabst - Lab Contact

Howard Vinton - Program Coordinator


Carrie Andrich - Afrps Coordinator

Lorelei Curry - Central Licensing Unit

Gina DeWitt - Chemistry Laboratory Manager

Stevie Glaspie - Animal Feed Safety Program Assistant & Response Coordinator

Tim Lyons - Animal Feed Safety and Ag Products Section Manager

Mike Philip -


Brett Boswell - Feed Operations Supervisor

Matt Gerths - Program Manager

Gary Horvath - Director, Laboratory Services Division

Dan King - Compliance Officer

Katherine Simon - Assistant Division Director


Buddy Brannon - Branch Director

Ashli Brown - State Chemist Of Mississippi

Kacey Colquitt - Registration & Tonnage

Valerie Hicks - Registration & Tonnage


Paul Bailey - Division Director

Stan Cook - Program Administrator

Jacob Fleig - Program Coordinator

Riley Franklin - Pet Food Coordinator

Devin Hart - Compliance and Training Officer

Quintin Muenks - Laboratory Manager

Erin Tice - Administrative Assistant


Bob Church - Field Operations Manager

Kay Deskins - Licensing And Registration Specialist

Falina Hutchinson - Feed/fert. Program Specialist

Joann Verreth - Laboratory Bureau Chief


Roger Dudley - Deputy State Veterinarian

Sally Flowers - Laboratory Administrator

Nathan Glaesemann -

Chelsea Harris - Program Manager

Jaci Higgins - Afrps Coordinator

Sue Spence - Staff Assistant


Doug Farris - Animal Industry Administrator

J.J. Goicoechea - Deputy Administrator

Kathleen Sharkey - Administrative Assistant Iii

New Hampshire

Jennifer Gornnert - Director

Nick Hughes - Program Assistant

New Jersey

Brian Hulme -

Christian Kleinguenther - Bureau Chief

Minali Patel - Chemist

New Mexico

Dustin Cox - Division Director

Tim Darden - Laboratory Division Director

Katie Laney - Assistant Division Director

Jo Lynn Otero - Program Manager

Margie Robles - Tonnage Clerk

New York

Maria Ishida - Director Of Food Laboratory

Cory Skier - Supervisor

North Carolina

Deborah Beach - Feed/forage/food/fertilizer Supervisor

George Ferguson - Feed Administrator

Teresa Grant - Supervisor - Food, Feed, And Fertilizer

Miriam Johnson - Feed Compliance Officer

Anita Macmullan - Division Director

Michelle Powell - Afrps Coordinator

Caitlin Price - Feed Safety Officer

North Dakota

Shaun Quissell - Division Director

Pete Valdon - North Dakota State Feed Specialist


Mohammed Amin -

David Simmons - Agri Inspection Administrator


Aaron Elam - Feed Program Administrator

Tanna Kilpatrick - Director, Laboratory Division

Cody Walls - Feed Program Administrator


Brad Leamaster - State Veterinarian

Richard Ten Eyck - Feed Safety Specialist


Erin Bubb - Chief, Division Of Agronomic & Regional Services

David Dressler - Agronomic Program Specialist

Puerto Rico


Rhode Island

Ron Newman - Ag. Marketing Specialist

Vernon Pabst - Lab Contact

Peter Susi - Deputy Chief/ri Division Of Agriculture

South Carolina

Angie Culler-Mathews - Food & Feed Safety Director

Adam Leaphart - Director, Laboratory Services Department

Bernadette Mundo - Feed Label Reviewer & Liaison

Austin Therrell - Feed Program Coordinator

South Dakota

Michael Blume - Ag Program Specialist

Tom Gere - Assistant Director

Regina Wixon - Owner/lab Manager


Eric Brady - Field Supervisor

Bethany Henderson - Feed Manager/afrps Coordinator

Mark Powell - Ag Inputs Administrator


James Embry - Senior Manager


Mark Ashcroft - Program Manager

Robert Hougaard - Director For The Plant Industry And Conservation Division

Weston Judd - State Chemist

Kari Ure -


Cary Giguere - Agrichemical Management Section Chief

john Jaworski - Lab Supervisor


Laura Earhart - Licensing & Registration Compliance Officer

Debra Hargrave - Program Supervisor

Caroline Wilkinson -


Lizette Beckman - Feed Advisor

Ashlee-Rose Ferguson -

Mike Firman - Chemist Laboratory, Program Manager

Steve Fuller - Assistant Director

Ali Kashani - Animal Feed Program Manager

Kirk Robinson - Food Safety & Consumer Services, Assistant Director

Stormy Townsend - Program Specialist - Pet Food

Randy Treadwell - Rapid Response Program Manager

Kimberly Truett - Program Specialist - Pet Food

West Virginia

Josh Arbaugh - Chemist

Mike Baker - Regulatory Office Supervsior

Jessica Douglas - Afrps Specialist

Stacy Hammack - Tonnage Specialist

Chad Linton - Assistant Director

Alicia Page - Compliance Officer

Chessie Shamblin - Tonnage & Rec. Spec.


Heather Bartley - Feed Program Specialist/toxic Reponse Coordinator

Lori Bowman - Agrichemical Resource Management Bureau Director

Myranda Luoma - Licensing And Permit Program Associate

Stephanie Statz - Regulatory Specialist Sr.


Wes Brown - Registration Specialist

Polly Cross - Assistant Manager

Teresa Jarvis - Laboratory Manager

Pete Valdon - North Dakota State Feed Specialist


Chris Berg -


Catherine Italiano - Feed National Manager

Anna Lamberti - Coordinator Feed Submission Screening And Control

Lise-Anne Prescott - Section Head– Feed & Fertilizer Chemistry

Laura Scott - National Manager

Costa Rica

Juan Carlos Barrantes Alfaro - Chief

Alejandra Jiménez Picado - Chief

Augusto Rojas Bourrillón - Director

Elena Tudor - Chief

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