Frequently Asked Questions about Chapter Six and Feed Ingredients

Why is AAFCO providing Chapter Six to the public?

Consumer interest in the ingredients of feed is growing. As such, AAFCO understands the value of Chapter Six and is making a copy available to the public. Chapter Six is referenced in state feed laws and serves the basis for their regulatory requirements for allowed ingredients.  

Can I print the copy of Chapter Six?

Chapter Six is intended to be a view-only document. Chapter Six remains under copyright protection to maintain a single source of correct information. This helps build consistency among regulatory agencies providing consumer protection and a level playing field for industry.

Why is AAFCO asking for my name and email address to view Chapter Six?

We are interested to know if this service is helpful to our stakeholders. However, we will not provide your contact information to other entities.

Who can access the free version of Chapter Six?

Anyone with internet access.

Why is AAFCO providing the previous year's version and not the current version of Chapter Six?

It's the version most likely to be adopted as states update their rules. The current year's version of Chapter Six does not remain static and is updated throughout the year. The Ingredient Definitions Committee's past meeting minutes, located here, can be viewed to review the updates that have occurred since last year's publication of Chapter Six.

When will the copy of Chapter Six be updated?

The free version of Chapter Six will be updated annually, around the first of the year once the next version of the Official Publication is released.

How do I get my ingredient added to the Official Publications?

The process to add an ingredient or to modify an existing ingredient definition is laid out in the opening pages of Chapter Six and can be located here. The first step is to send a draft of your ingredient definition to

Why are the human foods I give my pet not listed in the Official Publication?

The Official Publication only lists individual ingredients. Many human foods used in pet food consist of several ingredients and would not be listed. Some human food ingredients are considered "common food "(see the Chapter 6 feed terms) and do not need a definition. The pet food manufacturer will have written a safety assessment that the common food is safe to put in your pet's diet. Regulators review the pet food label to make sure ingredients are appropriate for the intended use.

How do I find out the purchasing specifications for my pet's food ingredients?

Contact the manufacturer listed on the label.

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