In the US, feed regulations are enforced by state and federal regulatory officials who provide subject matter expertise in animal science, animal nutrition, feed label compliance, field operations for inspection staff and program administration.  AAFCO provides a forum for these regulatory officials to come together and create model guidance to ensure that the regulation of animal feeds is as uniform as possible from state to state.  AAFCO Membership includes not only US state and federal regulatory officials but has grown to include international membership of Canada and Costa Rica.

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AAFCO Board of Directors

Feed Ingredient Investigators

Amino Acids
Richard Ten Eyck, OR

Animal Protein Products
Brett Boswell, MN

Brewers Products

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Laura Scott, ON, Canada

Citrus Products
Mike Davidson, CA

Collective Terms

Jacob Fleig, MO

Cottonseed Products
Mike Davidson, CA

Direct Fed Microbials
Maggie Faba

Drugs, Medicated Feeds
Dragan Momcilovic (FDA), MD


Fats and Oils
Brett Boswell, MN

Feed Additives
Richard Ten Eyck

Feed Terms
Ali Kashani, WA

Fermentation Products
Rick Manthei

Food Additives in CFR
David Edwards (FDA), MD

Food Processing byproducts
Catherine Marrier

Forage Products
Erin Bubb, PA

Grain Products
Steve Gramlich, NE

GRAS Notices
Nathan Price

GRAS Notifications to FDA
David Edwards (FDA), MD

Lab Methods
Tom Phillips, MD

Marine Products
Michael Blume, SD

Milk Products
Kent Kitade

Jennifer Kormos, Canada

Miscellaneous Products
Erin Bubb, PA

Molasses Products
Mark LeBlanc, LA

Non-Protein Nitrogen Products
George Ferguson

Oil Seed Products
Bob Church, MT

Richard Ten Eyck, OR

Processed Animal Waste Products
Dan King

Dan King, MN

Special Purpose
Richard Ten Eyck, OR

Technical Additives
Richard Ten Eyck, OR

Tom Phillips, MD

Yeast Products

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