Current Issues and Outreach Committee

Purpose: Provide a forum for the discussion of new ideas as well as ongoing problems, promote understanding and cooperation between government and industry, and disseminate relevant information to AAFCO members, the regulated industry, and other interested parties through an appropriate method.

Committee Advisors

Stephen Younker
American Feed Industry Association

Louise Calderwood
American Feed Industry Association/Alt.

David Dzanis
American Pet Products Association

Julia Fidenzio
American Pet Products Association/Alt.

Tim Law
Darling Ingredients

Emily Helmes
Enzyme Technical Association

Tomas Belloso
National Grain and Feed Association

David Fairfield
National Grain and Feed Association/Alt.

David Meeker
National Renderers Association

Dana Brooks
Pet Food Institute

Product Registration Standardization Workgroup

Purpose: Charged by the president and board of directors to discuss compliance processes of registration between states and industry to move toward a better understanding of what is involved in a productive time-frame. Product registration systems in each state are diverse in their requirements (i.e. software, requested information, formatting), which can create burdens on industry and delays at the state level. These issues may be alleviated through increased mutual communication. This work group will report back to the Board at both the annual and mid-year meetings with accomplishments and suggestions.

Workgroup Members

Chad Linton, Co-Chair
Charleston, WV

Debra Roehrig, Co-Chair
St. Louis, MO

Stan Cook
Jefferson City, MO

Tim Darden
Las Cruces, NM

David Fairfield
Waukee, IA

Robert King
Amarillo, TX

Doug Lueders
Wabasha, MN

Patrick Tovey
Washington, DC

Jason Vickers
Nashville, TN

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