Enforcement Issues Committee

Purpose: Provide a forum for the discussion, promotion and development of uniform enforcement policies and actions by AAFCO members. This committee usually meets in closed session, for AAFCO members (regulatory) only.

Committee Members

Jo Lynn Otero
Las Cruces, NM

Scott Ziehr, Chair
Broomfield, CO

Heather Bartley, Vice Chair
Madison, WI

Erin Bubb, Board Liaison
Harrisburg, PA

Stan Cook
Jefferson City, MO

George Ferguson
Raleigh, NC

Jennifer Godwin (FDA)
Cary, NC

Ben Jones
College Station, TX

Ali Kashani
Olympia, WA

Dan King
Saint Paul, MN

Darlene Krieger (FDA)
Minneapolis, MN

Dragan Momcilovic (FDA)
Derwood, MD

Laura Scott
Ottawa, ON

Committee Advisors

Stephen Younker
American Feed Industry Association

Leah Wilkinson
American Feed Industry Association/Alt.

David Dzanis
American Pet Products Association

Ed Rod
American Pet Products Association/Alt.

Tomas Belloso
National Grain and Feed Association

David Fairfield
National Grain and Feed Association/Alt.

Diane Loiselle
Pet Food Institute

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