Feed and Feed Ingredient Manufacturing Committee

Purpose: Working cooperatively with the Food and Drug Administration, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, feed and feed ingredient manufacturers and other relevant domestic and international stakeholders, develop science- and risk-based regulations. Such regulations would support the implementation of effective inspection and compliance strategies as well as be useful in providing education and information to stakeholders.  The overall goal is to minimize the presence of chemical, microbiological and physical hazards in animal feeds to the levels necessary to protect human and animal health.

Committee Members

Eric Brady, Co-Chair
Nashville, TN

Austin Therrell, Co-Chair
Edgemoor, SC

Robert Geiger, Board Liaison
West Lafayette, IN

Ken Bowers
Manhattan, KS

Bob Church
Polson, MT

Stan Cook
Jefferson City, MO

Dan Danielson (FDA)
Nashville, TN

Tim Darden
Las Cruces, NM

Jamey Johnson
Little Rock, AR

Ben Jones
College Station, TX

Ali Kashani
Olympia, WA

Darlene Krieger (FDA)
Minneapolis, MN

Doug Lueders
Wabasha, MN

Dragan Momcilovic (FDA)
Derwood, MD

Wayne Nelson
Hartford, CT

Phares Okelo (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Laura Scott
Ottawa, ON

Shaness Thomas
Tallahassee, FL

Committee Advisors

Louise Calderwood
American Feed Industry Association

Dan Frank
American Feed Industry Association/Alt.

David Dzanis
American Pet Products Association

Julia Fidenzio
American Pet Products Association/Alt.

Bob Ehart
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

Matt Frederking
National Grain and Feed Association

David Fairfield
National Grain and Feed Association/Alt.

David Meeker
National Renderers Association

Kim Spinelli
Pet Food Institute

Patrick Tovey
Pet Food Institute/Alt.

Steven Larsen
Pork Safety

James Emerson
US Poultry & Egg Association

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