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Welcome to the Ingredient Definitions Committee page. The actual definitions are published annually in the AAFCO Official Publication (OP). This book is a primary source of revenue to pay for the costs of running the ingredient definition process. Your purchase of the OP is appreciated. We understand it may be a burden to purchase an OP to get one definition, and in those cases, we recommend you contact your state Department of Agriculture or look for the AAFCO Official Publication at your local library. (click here to find state contacts).

A 14 day trial subscription is available for the AAFCO Online Official Publication (OP) for $20.  The online version is a secured read only document that cannot be downloaded or printed.  To purchase please visit the publications page.

These definitions apply to all animal feeds. Many pet food manufacturers have tighter specifications than these definitions. We recommend talking with your pet food company about the ingredients and sources they use.

If you have questions about how ingredients are defined by AAFCO, an established definition, or a suggested definition, please complete the following form and submit it

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Committee Members

Richard Ten Eyck, Chair
Salem, OR

Erin Bubb, Board Liaison
Harrisburg, PA

Mika Alewynse (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Brett Boswell
Saint Paul, MN

Ken Bowers
Manhattan, KS

Bob Church
Helena, MT

Charlotte Conway (FDA)
Derwood, MD

Stan Cook
Jefferson City, MO

David Dressler
Harrisburg, PA

James Embry
College Station, TX

George Ferguson
Raleigh, NC

Jacob Fleig
Jefferson City, MO

Steve Gramlich
Lincoln, NE

Kristen Green
Lexington, KY

Brett Groves
West Lafayette, IN

Shannon Jordre (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Ali Kashani
Olympia, WA

Dan King
Saint Paul, MN

Kent Kitade
Sacramento, CA

Jennifer Kormos
Ottawa, CN

Mark LeBlanc
Baton Rouge, LA

Rick Manthei
Sanborn, MN

Melanie Marquez
Saint Paul, MN

Becky Muir (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Dave Phillips
Bismarck, ND

Nathan Price
Boise, ID

Laura Scott
Ottawa, CN

Committee Advisors

David Dzanis
American College of Veterinary Nutrition

Leah Wilkinson
American Feed Industry Association

David Dzanis
American Pet Products Association

Julia Fidenzio
American Pet Products Association/Alt.

Lonnie Boyd
Association for Truth in Pet Food/Alt.

Emily Helmes
Enzyme Technical Association

Vincent Sewalt
Enzyme Technical Association

Kristi Smedley
Humic Product Trade Association

Jan Campbell
National Grain and Feed Association

David Fairfield
National Grain and Feed Association/Alt.

Lorraine Gershman
National Oilseed Processors Association

David Meeker
National Renderers Association

Catherine Alinovi
Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association

Chelsea Kent
Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association/Alt.

Christopher Cowell
Pet Food Institute

Betty McPhee
Pet Food Institute/Alt.

Jean Hofve
Pet Welfare Alliance

Mollie Morrissette
Pet Welfare Alliance/Alt.

Charles Starkey
US Poultry & Egg Association

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