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Welcome to the Ingredient Definitions Committee page. The actual definitions are published annually in the AAFCO Official Publication (OP). This book is a primary source of revenue to pay for the costs of running the ingredient definition process. Your purchase of the OP is appreciated. We understand it may be a burden to purchase an OP to get one definition, and in those cases, we recommend you contact your state Department of Agriculture or look for the AAFCO Official Publication at your local library. (click here to find state contacts).

A 14 day trial subscription is available for the AAFCO Online Official Publication (OP) for $20.  The online version is a secured read only document that cannot be downloaded or printed.  To purchase please visit the publications page.

These definitions apply to all animal feeds. Many pet food manufacturers have tighter specifications than these definitions. We recommend talking with your pet food company about the ingredients and sources they use.

If you have questions about how ingredients are defined by AAFCO, an established definition, or a suggested definition, please complete the following form and submit it

Ingredient Definition Process Online Course

The course is separated into three progressive modules covering the ingredient definitions process, including how to establish communication with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and the AAFCO investigator; submitting a Food Additive Petition to the FDA or notifying the CVM that the ingredient is Generally Recognized as Safe for your proposed use; and the AAFCO or FDA regulatory definition of safety pertaining to the ingredient’s uses in animal food.

The course content can also be used for staff development sessions to help managers build team competence in the AAFCO process, especially for complex steps like safety and utility that often result in declined ingredient packages.

This course is recommended for newly hired personnel at ingredient manufacturers, researchers wanting a greater understanding of the regulatory data needed, current staff who need a better understanding of the definition process, and anyone involved with defining animal feed and pet food ingredients.

The cost is $150 for personnel at ingredient manufacturers, research organizations, universities, industry companies, and other AAFCO nonmember or nonregulatory registrants and $99 for AAFCO members (email to verify membership and receive a discount code).

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