Pet Food Committee

Purpose: Work cooperatively with FDA, the pet food industry and other stakeholders to monitor, review and recommend appropriate revisions to the AAFCO Official Publication as related to pet food and specialty pet food and suggest additional activities, when such are needed, to more effectively: 1) provide protection for the consumer and the regulated industry; 2) safeguard the health of humans and animals; 3) provide a structure for orderly commerce; and 4) provide recommendations and assistance for training, workshops and educational materials regarding pet food and specialty pet food.

Committee Members

Kristen Green, Chair
Lexington, KY

Stan Cook, Vice Chair
Jefferson City, MO

Kristen Green, Board Liaison
Lexington, KY

Lizette Beckman
Olympia, WA

William Burkholder (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Kathleen Close (FDA)
Des Moines, IA

Charlotte Conway (FDA)
Derwood, MD

Laura Earhart
Richmond, VA

James Embry
College Station, TX

George Ferguson
Raleigh, NC

Liz Higgins
Las Cruces, NM

Tiffany Leschishin
Saint Paul, MN

Eric Nelson (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Jo Lynn Otero
Las Cruces, NM

Jason Schmidt
Baton Rouge, LA

Austin Therrell
West Columbia, SC

Committee Advisors

David Dzanis
American College of Veterinary Nutrition

Leah Wilkinson
American Feed Industry Association

Jason Vickers
American Feed Industry Association/Alt.

David Dzanis
American Pet Products Association

Ed Rod
American Pet Products Association/Alt.

Lonnie Boyd
Association for Truth in Pet Food/Alt.

Bill Bookout
National Animal Supplement Council

Angela Mills
National Grain & Feed Association (NGFA)

David Fairfield
National Grain & Feed Association/Alt.

David Meeker
National Renderers Association

Jessica Meisinger
National Renderers Association/ALT

Catherine Alinovi
Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association

Angele Thompson
Pet Food Institute

Patrick Tovey
Pet Food Institute/Alt.

Mollie Morrissette
Pet Welfare Alliance

Jean Hofve
Pet Welfare Alliance/Alt.

James Emerson
US Poultry Association

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