Proficiency Testing Program Committee

Purpose: To support regulatory, industry, and commercial feed laboratories by providing a proficiency testing program that is compliant with International guidelines at nominal cost to laboratories. To monitor the use and performance of analytical test methods and to provide information to other AAFCO committees as required. To provide feed testing laboratories with performance-monitoring procedures that are common requirements of accreditation and produce well-defined testing materials to be used for method validation and quality control.

Committee Members

Brenda Snodgrass, Chair
Oklahoma City, OK

Louise Ogden, Vice Chair
Champaign, IL

George Ferguson, Board Liaison
Raleigh, NC

Tom Phillips, AAFCO IDC Liaison
Annapolis, MD

Ametra Berry
Tifton, GA

Deepika Curole
Baton Rouge, LA

Manisha Das (FDA)
Derwood, MA

Tai Ha
Lincoln, NE

Patty Lucas
Tallahassee, FL

Kristina McCallum
Broomfield, CO

Quintin Muenks
Jefferson City, MO

Michele Swarbrick
Saint Paul, MN

Lei Tang (FDA)
Rockville, MD

Nancy Thiex
Brookings, SD

Melanie Titley
Ottawa, ON

Victoria Watkins
Manhattan, KS

Sharon Webb
Lexington, KY


Committee Advisors

Andy Crawford

Amy Kieffer
Able Laboratory, Inc.

Bob Kieffer
Able Laboratory, Inc

Lars Reimann
Eurofins Scientific Inc.

Ken Riter
Nestle-Purina Analytical Laboratories

Frank Sikora
University of Kentucky, Division of Regulatory Services

Patrick Tovey
Pet Food Institute

Susan Wiegert
Phibro Animal Health Corporation

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