AAFCO has instituted a repository, referred to as the Common Food Index (CFI), of common foods that may be appropriate for use in animal food and serve as a tool for use during review of ingredients on an animal food label, providing harmonization and transparency.

Common foods are defined as: “Food items commercially available and suitable for use in animal food but are not defined by AAFCO, including but not limited to certain whole seeds, vegetables, or fruits. Common food for animals may include common human foods that are known to be safe for the intended use in animal food. Manufacturers are responsible for determining whether a common food is safe and has utility for its intended use prior to commercial distribution as animal food.”

AAFCO’s subcommittee of experienced ingredient definition and label reviewers will assess the submissions regularly and post those food items recommended for acceptance to the AAFCO.org website for public feedback. The posting of food items recommended for acceptance will occur twice per year in advance of AAFCO’s Midyear and Annual Ingredient Definitions Committee (IDC) Meetings.

The CFI subcommittee will provide a recommended list of new food items, based on the feedback received, to be included in the Common Food Index before the final meeting agenda is posted for the IDC.

A link to the AAFCO Common Food Index (CFI) Submission Worksheet is provided below and must be complete for the submission to be considered by the CFI subcommittee.