2023 AAFCO Microbiology Hands-On Workshop -sold out

April 25-28, 2023
Broomfield, Colorado

The basic workshop will feature presentations and hands-on laboratory sessions on detection, isolation, and confirmation of bacterial pathogens in animal food. Participants will learn about their role in a public health investigation, what defensible data means and how to present a defensible data package, laboratory safety, and standard methodology.

AAFCO Microbiology Hands-On Workshop Agenda

Registration Information (Sold Out)

  • No registration fee, other than you meet the minimum requirements:
    • State Agriculture laboratory employee who has no food microbiology experience but has some basic knowledge of microbiology
    • Has at least one year (minimum) of laboratory experience
  • AAFCO will cover hotel, airfare and lunch each day (Tuesday-Friday).
  • Attendee will be responsible for transportation to and from the airport, as well as breakfast and dinner.
  • Workshop registration is limited to 6 attendees.

Registration Deadline: March 31, 2023