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Agricultural Compliance
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
Main phone: 334-240-7184
Fax: 334-240-7193

1445 Federal Drive
Montgomery, Alabama 36107-1123


Registration Information

The Audits & Reports Section is responsible for registering and licensing/permitting companies that manufacture or distribute commercial feed. 


Tonnage Information

The Audits & Reports Section is responsible for tonnage reporting.



Ala. Code Tit. 2, Ch. 21


Ala. Admin. Code r. 80-1-5

Separate Pet Statute/Regulation, Statute/Regulation Citation

Ala. Admin. Code r. 80-1-9

Separate Pet Statute/Regulation, Pet defined

Ala. Code §2-21-17 (18)

Regulatory Authority

Ala. Code §2-21-18; §2-21-23(1)

Labeling, Pre-market review of labels

Ala. Code § 2-21-19 (d)

Labeling, Standards

Ala. Code § 2-21-20

Labeling, Model Pet Feed Label Updates

Adopts by reference regulations as they appear in the official publication of AAFCO.
Ala. Admin. Code r. 80-1-9.02

Licensing or Registration

Licensing requirements – Ala. Code § 2-21-19

Ingredient Definitions -incorporation of AAFCO Models by reference

Incorporation of AAFCO Models by reference − Ala. Code § 2-21-25(1)

Laboratory Standards



Ala. Code § 2-21-21


Ala. Code § 2-21-22

Inspection, Sampling, Analysis

Ala. Code § 2-21-26

Inspection Fees and Reports

Ala. Code § 2-21-24

Prohibited Acts

Ala. Code § 2-21-23


Feed Deficiency penalties. Ala. Code § 2-21-29

Recovery of short weight and feed deficiency
penalties. Ala. Code § 2-21-30

Penalties for violations of chapter.
Ala. Code § 2-21-31

Recall Authority

Ala. Code § 2-21-27

How is it funded?


A provision prohibiting cottonseed


Good Manufacturing Practice

Incorporates by reference rules established
by the Food Safety Modernization Act –
Ala. Admin. Code r. 80-1-5-.17

Adulteration: Definition of Good Manufacturing Practice — Ala. Admin. Code r. 80-1-5-.12

Brand and Product Names

Ala. Admin Code r.80-1-5-.05