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Registration Information

Listing/registration is required for all Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food products distributed in MN exclusively in packages of 10# or less. Pet Food or Specialty Pet Food sold in packages less than and greater than 10# pay tonnage inspection fees for all package sizes (see tonnage info). The annual listing fee is $100 per product. Labels and listing fee are required to be submitted annually, to be received by June 30 or before distribution, which ever occurs first.  The penalty for late payment or if an unlisted product is distributed is $100 in addition to the listing fee.


Tonnage Information

$0.16 per ton owed by the first to distribute a feed or feed ingredient in or into MN. The tonnage inspection fee is due annually and must be received by January 31 for distribution done in the previous year. The minimum fee is $75. Small Package listing is required for pet food and specialty pet food in lieu of tonnage. See registration information.


Other Regulations

The annual Commercial Feed License fee is $75 and due on 12/31 for the following year.  The late penalty or distribution without a license is $100.  Any person that manufactures a commercial feed in the state, has their name appear as the guarantor on a commercial feed distributed in the state or makes wholesale distribution of commercial feed in or into the state must have a MN Commercial Feed License.


Contact for Human Grade Pet Food



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Regulatory Authority

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Labeling, Pre-market review of labels


Labeling, Standards

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Labeling, Model Pet Feed Label Updates


Licensing or Registration

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Ingredient Definitions -incorporation of AAFCO Models by reference

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Laboratory Standards



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How is it funded?

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A provision prohibiting cottonseed


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Brand and Product Names

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