Registration Information

The application for registration must be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of $50 for each pet food or specialty pet food. The registration of pet food and specialty pet food is for a period of 1 year starting January 1 and ending December 31 of each year. Please refer to the Montana Commercial Feeds Act 80-9-201(6)


Tonnage Information

The feed manufacturer has primary responsibility for paying inspection fees. However, the distributor is responsible for inspection fees if the manufacturer has not paid them. The inspection fee is $0.18 a ton on commercial feed. Pet food and specialty pet food are exempt. Each licensee must file annually with the department no later than January 31. Fees must be paid only if they total more than $5 in an annual reporting period. Late Fees: 10% or $25 , whichever is more, added to the amount due. Please refer to the Montana Commercial Feeds Act 80-9-206


Other Regulations

Licensing: New applicants: $100.00 Annual Renewal: $75.00
Renewals must be received by January 1, any received after that date will be charged a $25.00 late fee. A license is required annually for commercial feed manufacturers, distributors and labeled guarantors. A separate license is required for each manufacturing facility that distributes feed in or into the state. Pet and specialty pet food are commercial feed so manufacturers and/or guarantors require to be licensed. A license is not required for a distributor that only distributes pet food or specialty pet food. Please refer to the Montana Commercial Feeds Act 80-9-201


Mont. Code Ann. tit. 80, Ch. 9


Mont. Admin. R. 4.12.218 to 4.12.406

Separate Pet Statute/Regulation, Statute/Regulation Citation

Mont. Admin. R. 4.12.219

Separate Pet Statute/Regulation, Pet defined

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-101(20)

Regulatory Authority

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-102

Labeling, Pre-market review of labels

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-201(5)(b)

Labeling, Standards

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-202

Labeling, Model Pet Feed Label Updates


Licensing or Registration

License and Registration – Mont.
Code Ann. § 80-9-201

Ingredient Definitions -incorporation of AAFCO Models by reference

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-103(2)(a)

Laboratory Standards



Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-203


Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-204

Inspection, Sampling, Analysis

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-301

Inspection Fees and Reports

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-206

Prohibited Acts

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-205


Mont. Code Ann. §§ 80-9-303 to 80-9-304

Recall Authority

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-302

How is it funded?

Mont. Code Ann. § 80-9-206

A provision prohibiting cottonseed


Good Manufacturing Practice


Brand and Product Names