New York

Registration Information

All pet foods and treats of nutritional value must be registered at a fee of $100 per product annually. All expire December 31st each year.

Any firm distributing any other feed other than pet food, must register to distribute feed in or into the state. Its a biennial registration, with a fee of $100, the registration expires the first of July every other year.

All feed manufacturers located in the state must license annually. All licenses expire December 31st. with application for the new year 30 days prior.


Tonnage Information

Any person who distributes in the state any feed ingredient or commercial feed, except a pet food or specialty pet food, shall pay to the commissioner a tonnage fee at a rate of ten cents per ton for each ingredient or feed distributed. Any person liable to file, must do so within thirty days of December thirty-first of each year



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Separate Pet Statute/Regulation, Statute/Regulation Citation

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1, §§ 257.16 to 257.23

Separate Pet Statute/Regulation, Pet defined

N.Y. A.G.M. Law § 128(1)

Regulatory Authority

N.Y. A.G.M. Law § 135

Labeling, Pre-market review of labels


Labeling, Standards

N.Y. A.G.M. Law § 130

Labeling, Model Pet Feed Label Updates


Licensing or Registration

License and Registration – N.Y. A.G.M. Law §§ 128-a to 129

Ingredient Definitions -incorporation of AAFCO Models by reference

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Laboratory Standards



N.Y. A.G.M. Law §131


N.Y. A.G.M. Law § 132

Inspection, Sampling, Analysis

N.Y. A.G.M. Law § 135-a

Inspection Fees and Reports

N.Y. A.G.M. Law §§ 133-a to

Prohibited Acts

N.Y. A.G.M. Law § 133


N.Y. A.G.M. Law §§ 135-c to 135d

Recall Authority

N.Y. A.G.M. Law § 135-b

How is it funded?


A provision prohibiting cottonseed


Good Manufacturing Practice

N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 1,
§ 257.10

Brand and Product Names

N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 1,
§ 257.3