Comprehensive Animal Feed Ingredient Submission Course

The Ingredient Submission Training Course is specific to U.S. regulatory approvals (AAFCO Ingredient Definitions, Food Additive Petitions or GRAS Notifications) for ingredients to be used in premixes, livestock feeds and pet foods in the United States. 

Whether submitting a Food Additive Petition, a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notice, or an AAFCO Feed Ingredient Definition request, many similarities (and a few minor differences) exist. This course walks students through the requirements for providing the safety and utility data necessary for these three regulatory pathways. Discussion of pre-submission actions available, guidance on the processes, and insight about the review of the data and information is included in the modules. This self-paced course provides the student an opportunity to gain understanding about submitting an animal food ingredient for regulatory scientific review.

There is no cost associated with this course.

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