Robert D. Waltz, Ph.D. (Office of Indiana State Chemist)
AAFCO Board Liaison to IFPTI Council

Link to IFPTI website

Included at this site are the latest updates to the IFPTI meetings and some historical documents of great interest in the new food safety initiatives being adopted and implemented nationally.

The site includes the latest updates on what training IFPTI is anticipating offering in the long term. The training includes some core areas that would be common to all food/feed officials. Later courses will include specific training much like the AAFCO BITS and AITS programs. Although IFPTI will provide certificates for the training the offer, IFPTI will not be a certification body for feed inspectors or any other food safety/food health officials. If you have any problems, or comments about the activities, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bob Waltz